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Welcome to the very first blog post on MittaWorld! Our goal with this blog is to showcase the diverse possibilities that our platform offers to streamline your work processes.

Bigger and easier data

In today’s world, keeping up with the latest megatrends has become the norm. It’s encouraging to see that service providers are placing a greater emphasis on sustainability and circular economy thinking. These concepts are no longer just buzzwords, but are now integral to how businesses operate. This shift towards a more sustainable approach is also reflected in the fields of measurement and construction, where digital technology has led to significant advancements.

Gone are the days when surveying meant measuring specific points and taking necessary actions based on the readings. With the advent of new technology, the entire process has undergone a significant transformation. Nowadays, drones, UAV equipment, and even robotic dogs are equipped with accurate laser scanning technology, making the data collection process much more efficient and scalable.

While it’s now easier to gather large volumes of data, the real challenge lies in effectively managing and presenting this wealth of information. Even though we may be interested in individual data points, the sheer volume of data can be overwhelming. Therefore, it’s essential to have an efficient system in place that can help us store, find, and analyze this valuable information. With the right tools, we can make the most of the data and unlock new insights that were previously impossible to obtain.

These challenges and questions have laid the foundation and driving force for change, which is why the MittaWorld service has been built.

Geodata and its definition

The Mitta Group generates a significant amount of data on land, water, and air using various methods and tailored to specific requirements.  Check out Mitta’s wide range of services here. Geodata refers to primary and geographical data that have a direct or indirect connection to the location of the Earth.

MittaWorld Geodata MittaWorld Geodata
Geodata could therefore be described as follows.

Geodata is used to visually describe and better understand the effects of human activity based on a particular geographical location. Visually representing data in the context of a geographic context helps clarify how the data relates to a specific location. The visualization also sheds light on different situations that might otherwise go unnoticed. Accurate location-specific and contextual information is crucial for ensuring the success of a project, especially during the turnaround stage. By leveraging data, we can develop robust infrastructure, construct new buildings, and maintain existing structures to the highest standards.

MittaWorld – reaching out to the user

MittaWorld, a powerful geodata processing platform, serves as a central hub for all the data generated by the Mitta Group. This user-friendly platform allows project owners to easily access and view their data in an aggregated format, presented in the form of reports with metadata or through visually-striking point cloud data. Accessible on all devices, MittaWorld is designed to provide verified and rich data that is secure, agile, and of the highest quality. In addition to its geodata expertise, Mitta Group also excels in continuous monitoring of the environment and built environment. Going forward, our aim is to incorporate real-time monitoring data into MittaWorld, enabling us to reduce risks such as quality uncertainties or geotechnical failures.

By having immediate access to real-time data, we can make informed decisions and avoid unnecessary environmental damage. Our goal is to create a sustainable future where continuous monitoring data and agile, secure geodata processing enable us to make more informed decisions and minimize our impact on the environment.

We hope that our first blog post has sparked your interest in the vast possibilities that MittaWorld has to offer. We plan on producing more insightful posts on geodata and gathering feedback from our users to continually improve our service. If you’re curious about how MittaWorld can cater to your unique needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re more than happy to discuss how we can help streamline your geodata processing and provide you with verified, rich data.

We wish everyone a wonderful spring and the beginning of summer. See you on the pitch!

Ari Särkelä

Business Manager of Digital Solutions